My Bicycle

My Bike

… is nothing more than an el-cheapo Aleoca Noramica 2001. It costs less than $200, so you can see that I am not a serious bike nut… hehehhe!

So, you ask, why did I even make a page about my bike? Simple. I *might* suddenly go crazy and get interested in Mountain Biking as a sport, so I might add more stuff here later. Having a page now also makes it easier to add pages later.

Ye ole “just a bike” bicycle

There it is… yeah it’s not much is it? Just your typical run-of-the-mill kinda bicycle, nothing to shout about.

Guess what? I made a handphone mounting on the handlebar of the bike, because when I’m riding, I don’t want to stop the bike to answer phone calls. Since I have an earpiece, I set about making a mounting on the bike so I can see who’s calling, and I can hold a conversation with both hands on my bike.

I wrote the whole HOW-TO article and listed it on, a bike enthusiasts’ website. Check out the article here.