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The End of an Era – Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew

I count myself fortunate having been alive during the lifetime of Lee Kuan Yew. I have actually seen with my own eyes how the transformation of Singapore was done.

When he was alive, stories were rife about how strict and stern he was. How uncompromising his position was, woe be those who tried to oppose him. His very presence in the same room as you would cause balls to shrink and you started to squeal like a little girl (yes it’s just an exaggeration).

Like everyone else, we don’t know what we have, until we no longer have it. Lee Kuan Yew passed away on 23 March 2015, and suddenly, the guiding light of Singapore was extinguished. What happened next was unexpected, and unprecedented.

People from all over Singapore came to Parliament House to pay last respects. Not a few thousands mind you – HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. All in all, in the 4 days, over 1.2 million people have paid tribute to him, with something like 450,000 having done so in person at Parliament House. Putting that in context, that is 20% of the entire population of Singapore (foreigners included) have paid their last respects to him.

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Nighthawk KAI-3 Keyboard

The other day while just strolling past some shops in Sim Lim Square, something caught my eye – A cheap, backlit keyboard!

As a gamer, a backlit keyboard is VERY useful. Even better that it is “cheap”.  By “cheap”, I mean SGD 50 bucks or less. Now, last year I bought myself a Logitech G105 keyboard and was actually pleased with it. It was SGD 65 and I already was thinking it was cheap, because backlit keyboards are usually over SGD 100.

Physically, the Logitech keyboard is fine. It’s still working, and all the lights are fine. However, after 1 year of constant use, WASD keys have been worn down and now it’s just a big huge hole there where the blue light shines through. Honestly I was not even thinking of getting a new keyboard until I happened to walk past this stall, and saw this – Nighthawk KAI-3.

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Survivor Diary – Day #1

It’s been almost 5 hours since the End Of The World, as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Almost to the minute, the Mayans predicted the disappearance of the sun, local time 7:11pm. For posterity’s sake, I recorded the final moments of The World, just before it ended.

As you can see, I lost connection to the Internet!

Slowly but surely, my friends disappeared off MSN one by one. The skies got darker and darker. I went to my cupboards and took stock of what food I had – couple of canned food, loaf of bread, and some frozen meat. Good thing the electricity and water still flow – the people at PUB must have died off suddenly. I checked my phone – ok service is still on. The people at the telephone company must have suffered the same fate too!

I opened up some canned sardines and cooked some rice. This will have to be rationed out. I need to stretch the food as much as I can, and hope I can find more soon.

It’s now midnight… there is no sign of the sun coming back anytime soon. This post-apocalyptic world looks dark and dreary indeed.


ps: in case anyone didn’t know, it’s a humour piece. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.


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