Upgrading to 1 Gbit Plan

Recently I was contacted by Starhub to re-contract my home internet line. It was then that I realised that 1 gbps seem to be the “norm” these days, and did not see any lower speed plans on offer.

The entire upgrade is a story for another time, but it did force me to get a new router – the Netgear R7000, because the one given by Starhub, the DIR 850L, is just not powerful enough. The R7000 was my choice because it was geared for media and gaming activities – the 2 most important things I do on the Internet 🙂

Now, the one given by Starhub should be fine for most people. Downlink (WANLAN) is a respectable 750-850 mbps. Uplink (LAN-WAN) is the issue. I only managed to get 350 – 550mbps on it. Worse still if I enabled some other settings that were “OFF” at default state. If I enabled enough of these settings to depart from the “factory default”, the router plods along at 400 mbps downlink, and 250mbps uplink.

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The Morning After – Aftermath of Singapore GE2015

So… what do we have on 12 Sept 2015?

Yup yup, a PAP government, as expected. There has always been no danger of Singapore falling into chaos, no riots across the nation, nothing dire. Our civil service still works, and that is even confirmed by our Ah Gong LKY himself some years ago.

So what happened to all the huge crowds at WP and other opposition rallies? Beats me. It seems like they have popular support, but I have no idea why it fizzled out. Some have indicated that the “new citizens” may have largely swung the votes their way, but I personally have no idea. I would have thought, like with most other people, that the opposition parties might win a few more seats in this election instead of the actual result. By the way, if you want to know what a “freak result” is, this is the epitome of it. Expectations and actual results are opposite. Everyone (that I know) expected more opposition wins. It didn’t happen. Hence, “freak election result”.

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Sausage or Hot Dog?

Something happened recently and, honestly, it has not happened before now. Which makes me wonder… has it always been like this, or is this a new thing?

So yeah I went to a food stall recently… and just wanted to get a couple of sausages so when my turn came, the lady asked “what would you like?” and I just said “2 sausages please”, like I always did.

Amazingly, she had a blank stare on her face. So I pointed to this (pic below).

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