Survivor Diary – Day #1

It’s been almost 5 hours since the End Of The World, as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Almost to the minute, the Mayans predicted the disappearance of the sun, local time 7:11pm. For posterity’s sake, I recorded the final moments of The World, just before it ended.

As you can see, I lost connection to the Internet!

Slowly but surely, my friends disappeared off MSN one by one. The skies got darker and darker. I went to my cupboards and took stock of what food I had – couple of canned food, loaf of bread, and some frozen meat. Good thing the electricity and water still flow – the people at PUB must have died off suddenly. I checked my phone – ok service is still on. The people at the telephone company must have suffered the same fate too!

I opened up some canned sardines and cooked some rice. This will have to be rationed out. I need to stretch the food as much as I can, and hope I can find more soon.

It’s now midnight… there is no sign of the sun coming back anytime soon. This post-apocalyptic world looks dark and dreary indeed.


ps: in case anyone didn’t know, it’s a humour piece. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.


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