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Kudos to Intel Support

Back in 2014, I got myself a pretty tricked-out PC (for its time). The funny thing is, this is the first PC I ever built that had multiple component failures over the course of 3 years of normal usage (no overclocking).

First, the PSU died. I replaced that quickly and everything went back to normal. Then later on, the GTX 770 which I bought as part of the build died. That GPU is currently sent back to the manufacturer (Palit) and awaiting their decision on the replacement.

Third, and the topic of this post, is that the Intel i5 chip died. This is the first time in all the years that I have been using Intel that the CPU ever died. I’ll skip the part about troubleshooting to isolate the problem, but suffice to say, when it seemed like the CPU was faulty, I was actually skeptical. Never heard of anyone having a dead CPU before. But, in my line of work, dead CPUs are somewhat rare, and it happens only to AMD CPUs, not Intel Xeons.

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