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I’m A Logitech Man (part 4) – Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

I was at Sim Lim Square the other day, innocently getting other more mundane stuff (thermal paste, USB extension cables etc), where I chanced upon this keyboard – the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum.

Now, I actually had no real reason to get a new keyboard, except that my old gaming PC just had the Intel CPU replaced by Intel. My old keyboards that I had lying around had stiff keys… couldn’t type very fast on them anymore.

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I’m A Logitech Man!

I’m one of those people that don’t buy a complete set of PC from an established brand, be it Dell, Acer, HP or whatever. I have never believed in branded PCs, simply because the parts inside are all from the same places. They just package it together with “Technical Support” and a couple of “free software” (which you have to pay for in the end anyway) and mark the prices up to accomodate the support costs.

So yes, ever since I got my first PC XT (4.77 Mhz, 512K RAM) I’ve always “built my own” PC. Of course, nowadays I go to my favourite shop at the Holy Shrine of All Things Technological (Sim Lim Square lah!) and pick out parts I want, then ask them very nicely to help me fix them together. I would come back in about an hour or 2 and just pick it all up. But in the past, when I was younger and had more energy, I’d put everything together myself. In other words, I loved putting thermal paste on the heatsinks, stick it to the CPU (as in the chip, not the big case you guys call a “CPU”), then stick the CPU into the motherboard. I loved mangling all the wires, hooking up POWER, HDD, FDD etc cables to the the motherboard. I’d slot in RAMs and then fix it all into the case, and more fiddling of the wires. Continue reading I’m A Logitech Man!