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FoxTwo's Ramblings

Sausage or Hot Dog?

Something happened recently and, honestly, it has not happened before now. Which makes me wonder… has it always been like this, or is this a new thing?

So yeah I went to a food stall recently… and just wanted to get a couple of sausages so when my turn came, the lady asked “what would you like?” and I just said “2 sausages please”, like I always did.

Amazingly, she had a blank stare on her face. So I pointed to this (pic below).


To which she exclaimed “Ooohhh you mean HOT DOG!”.

I said.. “Hell no! A Hot Dog is this” (pic below)

Hot Dog

I don’t want a hot dog!

Then she said… “No, it’s called a Hot Dog”.

No lady, it’s a SAUSAGE. If I wanted a Hot Dog I’ll order a Hot Dog.

Now this lady (unfortunately) wasn’t a PRC… so can’t blame it on being a PRC this time 😀 She looked and sounded local (and I use the word “local” loosely. I consider Malaysians as “locals” too).

So is this a common thing nowadays? Or is this a new thing that only happened “due to the influx of FT”?