The Morning After – Aftermath of Singapore GE2015

So… what do we have on 12 Sept 2015?

Yup yup, a PAP government, as expected. There has always been no danger of Singapore falling into chaos, no riots across the nation, nothing dire. Our civil service still works, and that is even confirmed by our Ah Gong LKY himself some years ago.

So what happened to all the huge crowds at WP and other opposition rallies? Beats me. It seems like they have popular support, but I have no idea why it fizzled out. Some have indicated that the “new citizens” may have largely swung the votes their way, but I personally have no idea. I would have thought, like with most other people, that the opposition parties might win a few more seats in this election instead of the actual result. By the way, if you want to know what a “freak result” is, this is the epitome of it. Expectations and actual results are opposite. Everyone (that I know) expected more opposition wins. It didn’t happen. Hence, “freak election result”.

So now we have almost 70% (69.9%) of the votes going for PAP. Well done Singaporeans! We have implicitly agreed to all the past policies and whatever future policies that PAP my formulate “With Us, For Us, For Singapore”. I hope you’re going to enjoy whatever is coming down the pipes, because if not, you will have 5 years to repent (or 4 if we’re lucky to have an early elections like this year) – that’s plenty of time for you to reflect on your decisions.

Then again, PAP may pull a proverbial rabbit out of the proverbial hat and actually become the PAP we all knew and loved back in the 70s and 80s.. for the people, by the people, for Singapore! Chances of that happening are slim, but not zero.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

ps: Ok this will be my first and last politically-inspired post. I really don’t like to post on religious and political topics. They’re boring as hell.